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If you’re going to truly excel in any sport, you need a great coach but moreover, you need a friend & a Mentor to guide you through. Coaches do 30% of the work which is skills but the rest 70% is unfortunately not paid attention to.

Players need a helping hand the moment they hesitate. We’re here just for that. Coaching & Mentoring goes hand in hand.

At CE, we work with young aspiring Cricketers to get them more focused, powerful, mentally tough, and technically proficient than before.

We believe in talking to our players more than just throwing balls at batsmen in the nets and altering their technique.

Give us this opportunity to be the Mentor you never had.

“You Can Be What You Want To Be If You Be At It. Embrace Failure, because Failing Your Way To Success is the Only Way to Be Successful”

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1. Send Us your Batting/Bowling video clips and get it analysed by our Coaches. We will provide you with a feedback and areas to improve which will help you improve your game.

2. Our Online Mental Preparation sessions are most sought after.

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